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Mine Pitt

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Our reputation is built on the individual solutions our dedicated and versatile team of crane operators, riggers, dogmen and tradesmen provide to solve your unique challenges.

Stoney Creek Bridge Build

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Design and build projects, piling bridges and wharfs, dwelling relocation, structural repairs at height, communication tower erections, standing pre-cast concrete panels, and so much more.

Swans in Lake

The Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust

The legacy of Sir Neil and Lady Diana Isaac is a beautiful, elaborate and wide-ranging conservation space – one that upholds and protects the fragile natural treasures of New Zealand. Since our formation in 1950, conservation and the protection of endangered species has been close to our hearts, a passion that led to the creation of Peacock Springs, a unique wildlife habitat covering 1000 hectares of land on the outskirts of Christchurch.

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