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Jeremy Dixon

The Civil Construction industry is a great one for providing people with some drive and passion with the opportunity to build a successful career and a life for themselves and their families, no matter where they start from.

In the Isaac Group we believe in giving people an opportunity to be the best they can be. We invest heavily in our staff and our company culture, as we believe that every dollar we invest will ultimately come back to us through better outcomes. Better outcomes from higher engagement levels and better decision making from our staff, both in their work lives and personal lives. We have ambitions to continue to give our staff opportunities to grow and develop themselves and their careers, as this is what will ensure our company endures. To achieve this our business needs to continue to grow and succeed.

We have a proud history as a company, and we are excited about building a great future for the Isaac Group, its people, and the communities in which we work.

Scott Ford
General Manager

Scott joined Isaac Construction, having 24 years of industry experience. As a degree-qualified engineer, Scott has a solid grounding in the industry with extensive experience in business and project governance and general management. Prior to joining Isaac Construction Scott was General Manager for the Downer South Island Network Maintenance and Civil Construction business for over six years.

Scott has a consistent record of high performance and achievement, which has earned him a well-deserved reputation as an efficient and effective manager and leader.

As an experienced leader, he is adept in risk analysis, financial management, budget accountability, people leadership and meeting reporting requirements. Scott maintains up-to-date knowledge of innovative construction and maintenance methodologies and techniques through continued training and collaboration with his peers. He promotes a collaborative environment and has a strong focus on health and safety, resulting in strong relationships and excellent business outcomes.

Scott has operationally run Road Maintenance contracts in the past and has also acted in an official governance capacity across several local authority Surfacing and Maintenance contracts as well as Waka Kotahi Network Maintenance contracts.

Having served for seven years as an independent director on the Tasman Rugby Board Scott is now Chair of the board, he is also in his fourth year in serving on the Crusaders Rugby Board. Scott has contributed significantly into both organisations’ strategic directions including monitoring of their overall performance. Scott spearheaded the review and amendment of the TRU board’s governance and charter documents in collaboration with the other board members, facilitated developing HSE Charters for both organisations, and drove a high focus on HSE performance.

Scott understands from his diverse perspectives that he has been able to develop, what is required from the operational leadership to satisfy that the organisation is performing well, is fit and ready for the future. The operational leadership needs to demonstrate that there is a robust financial forecast, a strong balance sheet, risks are identified, and mitigation strategies are developed and tested. They also need to ensure opportunities are identified with options presented and likely outcomes forecast.

Andrew Sage
Construction Manager

Having worked within the civil engineering industry for over sixteen years, Andrew is an organised, logical person who has a solid understanding and a wealth of experience in a variety of civil and structural engineering areas, including roading, marine works, land development, large scale earthworks, drainage, piling, bridges, tunnels and large reinforced concrete works.

Andrew appreciates the importance of project management, team management, budget control and developing strong working relationships with the wider team, senior management, external contractors and clients.

With a practical approach to problem-solving, Andrew ensures tasks are carried out using best practice and to the highest standard.

Shaun Gleeson
Project Manager

Shaun joined Liddell’s in 2018 with a background in brick laying and building. He worked as part of our civil crews assisting in projects such as the Kapitea Bridge Strengthening, and the Mahinapua Cycle Bridge rebuild for 15 months before he moved into the role of Trainee Estimator and Quality Assurance.

Shaun has a strong background in the construction industry and has an eye for detail. He has good communication skills and is proving to be an asset to the company.

Adam Burke
Design Engineer

Adam has recently joined the Liddell design team to expand our capacity and facilitate our adoption of new technology.

In his previous role as a mechanical design engineer, he managed deliveries for British Aerospace, their largest customer. Their main output was parts for the Australian Navy Anzac Class Frigates. This involved everything from the point of sale through to dispatch, including every stage of production while incorporating any changes required for current and future runs. He also managed their COC documentation and dimensional as-builts for every part and assembly.

When NDE was requested for every weld, he coordinated with a local inspectorate to meet their requirements and managed full independent inspections of all welded assemblies. He worked directly with several levels of their organisation to coordinate design and changes, delivery updates, and all quality documentation.

In Canada, he had four years’ experience in designing and fabricating directional drilling, top drive, and casing running tools with high regulatory requirements. Overhead lifting on oil rigs is stringently regulated, and their tools (rated from 150 to 1000 tonnes) are subject to particularly harsh operating conditions.