We work with our clients to achieve the life span they need out of their equipment and we offer a maintenance plan with our coatings so you know how to look after it.

Our industrial blasting and coating division has the capacity to handle large items. We complete abrasive blasting and coat with marine grade paint. We have a thermal arch spraying machine which is unique to the West Coast. This gives us the ability to do zinc, aluminium or any metal you want sprayed on steel. This is an alternative to galvanising and especially practical for items that won’t fit in a galvanising bed for hot dipping or items which are really hard or expensive to transport.

Our thermal arch spraying is another form of surface protection, particularly important for your equipment when you are located close to the sea. We have mobile blasting units so we can travel and complete your blasting on site.

Everything we do is of a high standard and signed off at every stage. We complete third party inspections across all departments within the company to maintain our quality of work.