Liddell’s have been contracted to carry out the concrete site works at Oceana Gold Reefton and construct the precast channels. This involved building the concrete spillway inlet weir that channels the water from the lake down the spillway out to Devils Creek.

We are also doing concrete encasements of the pipework, stitch joints between the concrete pre-cast and the inlet weir that diverts water into the precast channels. Upon completion of the install, Liddell’s will build a 185m long timber and wire fence.

Liddell’s have fabricated the steel moulds for the u-shape precast at the workshop. Precast u-shape units were poured at our Greymouth yard then transported to site. These units consisted of four different sizes, and in total there were 450m of u-shape precast units with 90m of precast lids. This project consisted of pulling team members from all departments to deliver this project on time, with great progress so to date.