Project overview

Location South Westland, Jackson's Bay

Scope $500,000

Date of completion June 2022

The Jacksons Bay Wharf comprises a jetty and wharf structure. The wharf dates back to World War Two when it was constructed. The wharf is used as a major export hub, cray fisherman use the port to land their catch, and from here it is flown to worldwide markets. The project is part of the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) and being actioned on behalf of the Westland District Council.

The wharf is still being utilised by local fisherman and the main seawater in-feed for the land based holding tanks runs the length of the jetty. This important water source has to be maintained at all times during the duration of the project.

The replacement hardwood timbers have been sourced from Australia while the piling rigs, barges and specialist plant have been purpose built in Liddell's workshop over the past few months to allow this work to be carried out. Site repairs have started with replacement of timber beams under the deck, repairs to wailers, running boards and deck boards. Work is set to continue over the next ten months with the purpose-built piling rig due to be complete early March 2021 for mobilisation to site around mid-March 2021.

While the wharf is currently closed to recreational users, we are maintaining access for commercial users.