Project overview

Completed over a 6 month period, our scope included installing temporary pads for access, pile driving, fabrication of the steel structure, construction of the timber walkway and hand-railing, and fabrication and installation of the front of the wharf, including the bollards for boats to tie up to.

During the construction of the wharf we found that some of the piles needed to be driven further into the sea bed, alongside this we were dealing with a challenging tidal location which meant some delays. To counteract this we remained in constant communication with the client, working together to find a way to deliver the project as soon as possible while limiting any interruptions to their work schedule.

A 50 year lifespan was required for this wharf, so we researched the best way to deliver the fabrication. We investigated coated and uncoated steel for cost and performance, implementing a thicker, uncoated steel that saved our clients money while still meeting our agreed lifespan requirements.